Can you succeed without external promotion?


I’m sure I’m not the only person who wants to spend 100% of my (not nearly enough) available time composing and not Twittering etc. Obviously promotion increases sales, but I’m curious - has anyone here achieved decent audiojungle sales with zero external promotion? All opinions welcome, thanks for reading :smile:


Yes, you can. Twittering most likely has 0-0.0001% effect on sales but SoundCloud and YouTube can be effective. It won’t make or break you on the site most likely though since quality/usability of your music combined with search engine exposure is BY FAR the most important things.

Some authors bring in substantial external traffic but they are few and they probably spent LOTS of time on their personal website or got lucky with viral YouTube clips.


I don’t think my external promotion has done much. It’s mostly about AJ search engine optimization.


It depends on the day really. I have found that a good Twitter and Soundcloud campaign generates some traffic as opposed to the days I don’t promote.


I was just wondering. Do you put the Audio Jungle “Watermarked” version on Soundcloud ?


@vizion_studios yep!


I’m sure that it’s possible.All you need is great content,patience and luck :wink:
But external promotion can really help with achieving great results


I think - yes! but it would be the most enjoyable way to succed. If you love what you do of course


I don’t know if you can succeed but I know you can survive. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: