Do you see increase in sales when you promote via social media?

Do you see an increase in sales when you market your items through other social media platforms? I tried to monitor my item’s views before and after promoting on youtube, Facebook, tumblr, and it did seem to help with views but not sales. Any advice on this would be much appreciated.

What sort of followers do you have on facebook/twitter etc? If they are all just friends and family, there’s plenty of reason to think they may click on the link to enjoy listening to your music, but unless they also happen to be video production professionals those views will never translate into sales.


Concurred with @BlueSkyAudio. A major key to promotion is hitting your customers where they live. Get targeted and get specific.

@AurusAudio i know has provided some good advice on this…


I see what you mean @BlueSkyAudio Thanks very much @matthewcoxy for giving me some help on this.

Yes. You need to self promote your items in order to get much more sales.

DO not waist your time on it. Social media promotion is useless at least you have promotion specialist on it. Just IMHO. Cheers.

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