How do Authors use social media?

Hey Community,

I’m currently looking for stories and examples of how Authors on different marketplaces use social media, and their goals and metrics in doing so.

It’s come to my attention that different social networks are going to be relevant to different marketplaces and used with very different aims in mind.

So I’d love you to leave your stories below of both good and bad experiences with social media, informing me of what you use and why. :slightly_smiling:


I sell music on AudioJungle. I use a combination of Youtube and Soundcloud to brings buyers to the site here. For every song I have in my portfolio I make a video on Youtube for it with a link back to the site here (yay referrals!) and same for Soundcloud. I also created a private group on Soundcloud where i submit all of my tracks and no one else can and I believe many buyers come from there as well.

My main platform is SoundCloud. With almost 1000 followers and Pro Unlimited membership I have average 200-300 (sometimes more) listens per day and pretty nice referal traffic.
Second is Facebook, which is also nice. You can share some your thoughts, photos, new music pieces and so on. Lots of customers come to my facebook page to ask for some audio tweaks, or even custom job. But I had negative experience with it, when I started promoting it for some $. Well, one of the worst money investing. I guess it might works when you put lots of bucks in it.

I also have Youtube,Twitter,Pinterest, Linkedin etc,but I can not evlove them all yet. I think this might be my future goal.

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Not traffic related here. Social media such as facebook group is now becoming a community. You can get help, inspiration and ideas.

Souind really cool to me

LinkedIn = Great,you must use it. If you have a business, then it’s LinkedIn. Use it.

Twitter = Good

Facebook = Absolute Waste Of Time + Disinformation center + EgoFeeding Place + Too Much Distraction For Businesses (I really mean it)

Pinterest = Better than nothing

Behance = Be there


Beating almost every social media that exists to death. Results differ! :slightly_smiling:


Each social media channel has different impact on different business. For some Facebook are the best place and for some Twitter.

The worst story is we can’t find out conversion rate from social to Envato purchase :smiley:

Most of us use social networks to stay connected with others.