So where exactly are these tax forms?

I was just finishing up my taxes when I noticed the “link” Envato gave me via email to see my tax forms only takes me to the themeforest homepage despite that I’ve never sold anything there. Where am I supposed to find the tax information from Envato? Why wouldn’t they simply attach the form in a link to download as other organizations do? On top of that, the email they gave me "" is apparently invalid, so I can’t even contact Envato’s team about it.

Hi! Did you fill out the tax form? If not, then you need to fill it (everything is clearly written there). If you need tax reports, then this is in the box below in the format PDF( “Tax summaries”)

That list doesn’t seem to exist anywhere in my profile or settings. How do I access it?

Settings/Tax Information

Finally found it, thank you. I wouldn’t think taxes are something I “set,” they’re predetermined.

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