Need help with the tax information

So I was going to start selling but I had to fill out a form about taxes first, I am not a US citizen so I jsut filled out the stuff as good as I could, then I had to accept like 7 different things and sign it, and it made me nervous, what if something goes wrong when selling stuff, I don’t want to get in trouble.

you can contact with envato help center

This article for non us person
Author Fill up guide step by step guide Step by step guide

Or you can search on google for video form submit system after fillup.


Don’t be nervous. If you are not US then just collect your Country Government TAX id. If you already have it then go to your profile Settings => Tax Information (Left Sidebar) and proceed with I am not a US person. Fill the form with correct information and submit. That’s all done for selling your product in Envato market.
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