Electronic 1099 & 1042 tax summaries (2022 earnings) are now available

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If you have been waiting for your 1099 tax summaries (for US Citizens, or persons that do not provide details regarding their tax residence), you can now download your tax information for 2022. Hardcopy forms were mailed out last month, and should already have arrived for most people.

UPDATE: Electronic 1042 summaries are now also available (for non-US authors who submitted a W-8BEN or W-8BEN-E tax form).

If this is the first time you are accessing digital tax summaries for Market, you will need to ‘opt-in’ by updating your tax information preferences. You will also need to enable two factor authentication (2FA) for your Envato account, if you haven’t already done this.

For further details and instructions on accessing your tax summaries, please read this help article:

If you have any questions, please see our Tax Form FAQs page on the Author Help Centre. If you still have further questions that aren’t addressed by the FAQ, you can contact our team at support@author.envato.com.


Thank you. We are getting this error when we try to access any of the forms:

Also, regarding the AUD tax forms, is it possible for this to be made available by the end of June? We often have problems with Tax Authorities since most EU countries process the annual tax returns in June.


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I have set up two-factor authentication. However, all the articles/posts keep saying “Under Author Tools, your Tax Summaries should now be available for you to view.” I keep looking and looking and can’t figure out where Author Tools are. I don’t see anything that is called that on my Elements or Market Dashboards. I’ve even tried looking it up in the FAQ. It talks about Author Tools but never gives a link.

Where do I find “Author Tools?”

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In Envato market you will find ‘Tax Summaries’ in your Profile Settings page, there you will find ’ Author Tools’.


Any news about this? Is anyone else experiencing the same issue when trying to open the Tax Forms?

@NeuronFX We’ve received a few similar reports of a 500 Error when trying to access the tax forms. It looks like this is just our sign-in system timing out, after clicking on the link in your email - if you log back in to account.envato.com and reload that page (https://videohive.net/user/neuronfx/tax_summaries) you should be able to download your PDF summary.

I’ll check with our Tax team, but I don’t think we can make the Australian Royalty Withholding summaries available before the end of June - Australia’s financial year runs from 1 July - 30 June, so the forms can’t be finalised before the end of that month.

@MargJohnsonVA You can access the Market settings and tools page for your account via https://MARKETPLACE.net/user/USERNAME/profile/edit

You should see an item in the left-hand menu for Tax Summaries, under Author Tools - or you can access them directly via this link: https://photodune.net/user/margjohnsonva/tax_summaries


@BenLeong Have you mailed hardcopy forms for 1042 as well?

Hi @framestore.

Hardcopy forms are only being mailed out for the 1099 summaries, as the IRS still requires physical forms for these.

For our 1042 summaries, these are only available in electronic format.

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Is there a way to specifically extract the author fees paid in relation to US sales? This will make it easy to put them as costs when applying for tax returns.

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Someone from Support already helped me in a very specific way, thanks!

@DavidWarner000 Do chat GPT bots dream of electric sheep?

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