All Authors: Important Information on how to receive US tax summaries.

Hey everyone,

It’s coming up on it’s been a year since Envato’s launched our US subsidiary company and the W form submission process was introduced to the Envato ecosystem.

Shortly, Envato is going to be mailing two types of forms to our authors; a 1099 form for US authors and a 1042 form for non-US authors. These forms contain summaries of your income from US buyers and the amount of tax we withheld and paid to the IRS on your behalf.

For US authors, your 1099 form will be sent no later than the 31st of January 2017.

For non-US authors, your 1042 form will be sent no later than the 15th of March 2017

These forms will be mailed to the address you’ve provided in the W forms you’ve submitted, with that in mind, we strongly recommend double checking that the address you’ve provided in your W form is your correct mailing address.

There’s an easy way to do this, simply take a quick look at your billing address listed in the personal information section of your Envato settings. If this address is correct, then you’re all set and sorted for receiving your form. If the address is incorrect, you’ll need to re-submit your W form with a correct one if you wish to receive the form.

Edit: On the back of author requests, in addition to the mailed form we will also be giving authors the option to access their tax summaries via a digital portal (further details to come). Note however that due to legal requirements forms will still be distributed through mail. Because of this, Authors will still need to ensure their billing details are correct for the mail distribution of the hard copy form.

Edit: Digital downloads for tax forms have arrived! To access the digital copy of your tax summary simply:

  1. Log into your Envato account.
  2. Click on your Username in the top right-hand corner, then click Settings.
  3. Select Tax Summaries on the navigation panel
  4. It’s there!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at

For more information regarding W forms for US authors and non-US authors as well as general information on tax and compliance at Envato, we recommend checking out our help center.

Note: In the email to authors we noted “it’s been a year since Envato became a US entity” this isn’t correct. Envato is still Australian, we’ve simply added a US subsidiary.


@matthewcoxy isn’t (no later than) 15th March 2017 a little late? Considering our Tax obligations in Australia for the 2015-2016 Financial year closed on the 30th June 2016? And we as upstanding Australian citizens should have already submitted our tax returns for that financial year? I’ve already been sent a 1042-S ‘Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject To Withholding’ form, from the other online marketplace I sell stuff on, and they sent me that months ago… Just asking. Thanks.

Hey @Mock-Up-Militia.

Forms 1099 and 1042 are annual forms and are based on the US fiscal year (calendar year). Unfortunately, we can’t issue these forms for part of a financial year or more than one in any given year.

@matthewcoxy I’ve used the correct address in my W form. However, sometimes mails and posts got troubles arriving in my place. Should I add even more complete address? (TBH, it’s already complete, but better safe than sorry.)

Thanks in advance.

Will you send the form to our e-mail also?

Hello! Matthew!

Hmmm…May be i dont understand something... Because Ive already complete the W-8 form almost year ago :slight_smile:

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Here’s an issue guys. I travel non stop. My correspondence isn’t picked up because I don’t get any in the first place, so my address is random considering I move from country to country ( love Envato for having this ability ) So I go “home” per say once every few years.

Can Envato send this only by mail to certain authors, we can acknowledge we got them and print them out ourselves? In my case, most certainly someone else will get that mail, and read through it, since I don’t live there only a few weeks tops a year lol :laughing:


I did not understand anything.
Do you receive a copy of the tax,
Um must enter tax information once another,?

These forms are a summary of your paid US taxes of 2016. The income tax laws in some countries allow to reclaim this tax when you do your tax return. To do so, you need a copy of this official document from the US IRS

2nd @Enabled thoughts. I’m currently shifting between a couple of places, while moving country, and not sure where I’ll be to receive the mailed form. Thanks!

I gotta agree with @Enabled, since that way guarantees my tax summaries arrival. Way better than physical form. Also, I bet there’s no different between printed form and the PDF we can print by ourselves.

Not that I’m a traveler, but mailing sucks here in Indonesia lol


What are we supposed to do with this form? Non-US member… Also as others have said. Digital is much better than physical. Please don’t waste paper sending us this form.


paper form for mail address? are you kidding?


Did not understand anything. I submited my all info since last year. So do I need to submit again?

Hey @arnabkumar,

If you’re billing address is correct, there is no need to submit anything new. We are just asking that authors double check their billing address as that is where we will be sending the summary forms.


Yes my billing address is 100% correct.

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Why not to send PDF file? It is 21th century + where is warranty that I will get the parcel.+ Another moment - should I by hands count who and where from bought any plugin? It can be done automatically by Envato programmers with primitive scripts and then generating pdf forms which can be signed digitally - in such way we all can avoid waste of time and resources …


Woah you have to mail these things out? That’s next level crazy!

Probably some legal requirement to validate recipients address etc

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Am in Ghana and i don’t have a billing address so don’t you think it will be much better you send us the forms through email?