"Sloppy" work. Will it pass review or is it a Hard Reject.


Recently I’ve uploaded quite a lot to be me, and this time I have realized I was sloppy and actually uploaded a track with poor mixing and poor mastering. It was 23 days ago and now I really don’t wanna delete and upload a new mix/master just to wait 25 more days.
My question is: Is it TOO bad to avoid a rejection? (Strings and orchestra is almost completely centered and overall sound is to much mid, or lack of low/high freq.) My plan is to upload a new version once it is approved. Well… IF it doesn’t get a HARD reject that is.


Thanks in advance!


It’s a hard call. You are right in everything you say about the mix and mastering but apart from that it is a great track! If it was me I’d be inclined to play the long game and delete to allow myself a bit of time to get the mixing/mastering right as the track is worth the trouble, despite the length of the review queue.


Thanks for feedback. Well, new mix/master is almost done by now and I still have two days I guess. Hmmm… I’ll wait for (possible) more feedback. I think they are quit hard when it comes to orchestral strings…


I would pass it. If it gets hard rejected, just upload it again with a better mix, I doubt they would reject it again.

Just my opinion. :grinning:


Delete it and upload a professional, well-mixed version. Frankly, I fail to see why you would want to

a) risk a rejection
b) waste the reviewer’s time
c) present sloppy work to potential clients

knowing that you can make it better, particularly as the track itself is great and really deserves to be polished.


IMHO I would sharpen the attack to allow the mallet to cut in rather than soft and washy. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for good feedback. Hahahah… I still don’t know what to do. Guess it’s that haunting review que that makes me even think of risking a hard reject. Regarding the Celesta it was actually on purpose to make it that way. Thought it gave the track a “spooky” feel. The high freq are gone and I even took the attack away to give it that soft and washy character. HOWEVER, thanks for pointing that out. Now I’m thinking of making it normal again since it perhaps sounds even more washy and sloppy in its new polished surroundings.


If you delete it you have to wait another 25 days for sure.
I’d wait and see if it gets rejected or not. If the new mix is almost done than it can be completely done by the time the track is reviewed.
If it’s approved, you can update it immediately and save yourself 25 days of waiting.
If it gets rejected, well, at least you tried. Resubmitting it with improved and polished mix and master is quite OK I guess.


For anybody who is interested:

This is what happened… I actually just waited to see what would happen in the review and it actually passed. 20 minutes later I had my new mix/master uploaded! :slight_smile:
Thanks for all your advises and check it out (if you are able to A/B test after such a long time)!

Have a nice day!


Good outcome and sounds great!