Single or multiple licence?


I don’t understand how license works here. I often create videos for client in two versions – eq. from event one short 1’ cut for quick post to social sites and after some time detailed 10’ documentary. Both of these versions have same music, it would be weird to have different songs.

So – is this one end product or I have to buy same music twice?

Now I have client who wants serial of 7 videos in same 30" layout, i.e. with the same graphics and music. Only one thing is changing – face of some model.

Is this one end product, or I must buy multiple licence? Which item is it in cart? image


If your short video may be considered as an edit from your longer video, then you can indeed use one license, as the license allows for variations.

As for your seven videos, if they can be considered parts of a same series, then the series policy allows you to use one license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

Regarding the type of license you need, it depends on the intended use.

If it’s for regular web use then the standard is what you need.
If you’re putting your video on a physical support (dvd, usb drive,…), or on a downloadable format (podcasts,…) then you’ll need the Mass Reproduction license.
If the video is going to be broadcast on TV, then you’ll need one of the broadcast licenses.

Hope it helps!

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Precisely what I need to know. Awesome, thanks a lot Purple :-))

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