Shutterstock photos


Can I use the photos that I bought from shutterstock for commercial use?


Are you going to use the photos only in your item preview images or are you going to include them in the downloadable files as well? Regardless of how you’re going to use them, you’ll need to check with SS themselves and see if they have a license that fits your needs.


I am going to include them in the downloadable files


There’s no license on Shutterstock that allows redistribution of images, so that wouldn’t be allowed. You can use them in preview content, but not in the main file.

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And where can I take images?


What’s it for, what are you making? I don’t know of any stock sites that will allow you to redistribute files apart from sites that have public domain imagery. Although, Envato usually aren’t too keen on you including those in your items. For example, if you use public domain images in a Wordpress demo site, you’ll be asked to remove them and add placeholders in your downloadable item.


I want to use pictures in print templates, and I see yhet many authors use pictures,
like this for example
I just dont understand how to use )


It’s hard to say whether they bought the photos from somebody, took them themselves or what. But if they have included those images, then they will have needed to tick the box that says they have the right to sell all the content included in the files. You won’t be able to tick that box if you’re buying the licenses from SS as their license doesn’t allow for that.

If you can get permission to use imagery in your items then that’s a bit different, but there might still be instances where Envato won’t accept it… like my Wordpress example.


ok, but if I make photos by myself Envato will accept?


Same as my Wordpress example… if you make the photos then you have the right to do whatever you want with them, but Envato also have the right to not allow you to include them in items. Although you should be fine in your flyer example.


It’s hard to understand
Thanks for the advice
I will try until I understand


My point is you need two things to get photos in an item. First, you need permission to do so from the person who took the photo. If you took the photo then you have permission. If somebody else took the photo then you need permission from them. If you’re buying it from a stock site then you probably won’t have permission, as most sites don’t allow that, but check the licenses.

The second thing you need is permission from Envato. So for example, if you are making a Wordpress template, they will get you to remove the images and add placeholders. So you may have permission to use the image however you want, but Envato won’t give you permission to use the images in your item.

But in your example, a flyer, you should be ok including the images, as long as they are your images, or you have permission to use somebody else’s images.


Thank you