Use of Stock Photos in Premium Theme

Can i use Shutter Stock Photos in Premium Theme with their standard license?
Or Elements.enevto photos with premium package?

Yes you can

and we need to replace original images with placeholders in export demo, right?

Based on your second post, it sounds like you know this already… but just to clarify for anyone else reading:

You can usually* use licensed stock images and footage in your preview content (preview image, demos, preview video, thumbnails, description), but you can’t include them in your actual item.

*Depends on the license… it needs to be ok for commercial use, which most stock photos are.

yeah i was also searching google meanwhile for answers. i am going for enveto premium it sounds affordable for me at the moment.
and just to clarify further i will do
1: Download Images and use them in Theme Demo
2: Replace image paths with placeholders while giving out demo file.

This will not violate enveto copyrights for stock photos, right ?

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No, that sounds all good!

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