I can't find any information about using free photo stocks in my designs.


Hi, anybody knows anything about using content from free photo stocks as unsplash? Thanks!



You can use images from unsplash and just put a credit info in your Item. You can use those site images where they give permission for commercially use as like MIT license, CC0 license etc with their credit.



Thank you for the quick answer!


Hi, you can use a free stock photo like unsplash or something. But you need to include credit to where you took or downloaded it, for example in the description of your item when you uploaded it.

And most importantly you should know that you can only use it to preview the template or theme that you created.
And in the download file for the buyer, don’t put the photo, you can replace the photo with a placeholder image. :slight_smile:


As i understand you, i can’t use any free commercial photos from unsplash exactly in my theme? This template will be rejected?))


for buyer download zip use placeholder instead of preview images. Free images you can use only for preview purpose. Envato will not accept the main images in the buyer download zip. So use placeholder into your Item when you will upload for review. Thanks