Can I Use Shutterstock Photo ?

I didn’t pay for this stock photo just download from Shutterstock but there is watermark so I think there is will no problem but idk. Should I use it ?IMG_20180927_170005

No, you can’t use it. It is a copyright content. :sunny:

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Should I pay for it or is there any free source I can use ?

If you want to use shutterstock you need to purchase the pics and make sure the license covers commercial use.

You can try free sites like unsplash and pixabay but either way all images should be replaced with placeholders in the download version


Yeah I need for a placeholder photo. Thank you.

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As charlie4282 said, you have to pay for this. You can use free stock photos from pixabay, unsplash, freepik, pexels etc without paying. :slight_smile:


yeah this is a much better idea for anyone who does not want to work and working only for paying the pix they are using lol

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