Question About Photo Copyright

Hi, I’m new here and just started my first small business.

I’ve got an approved PSD template and decided to partnership with some developer. The finished HTML and Wordpress will be uploaded on his account.

In my PSD preview, I’ve used photos that purchased from Shutterstock in standard license and the developer ask for those photos to use on HTML or Wordpress preview.

I know that he and me are under the same project but I’m not sure that " isn’t a redistribution which violate the copyright term ? ". Because the finished product will be uploaded on his account which is like different company.

the Question is

“Is it okay to send purchased photo from Shutterstock to the developer to let him use in preview purpose for project that has been partnered ? or the developer has to buy the photo that I’ve used in my preview ?”

I’m not sure about this and I really need advice. Thank you.

PS. I’m sorry that If my English confuse you. I’m not native English speaker.

I think it would be risky at least. Although you would need to ask Shutterstock to be sure.

The license for the photo belongs to you and not the other developer.

While you may be ok because you’re involved in the new project, there could well be an issue that it is being sold from someone else’s account.

Either way you will need to make sure that the image is not distributed as part of the download.

I would strongly suggest checking with Shutterstock themselves.

thank you, @charlie4282.

I’ll contact Shutterstock first as you recommend. I don’t want to have unimportant legal problem.

Can I ask another question?, what should I do if the developer refuse to buy those photos ?