Should I release 2 wordpress themes instead of 1?

  1. I am new to Envato and need an advise from experts. I will release a new Wordpress theme soon, with a plugin included. The theme will have Elementor support. The question is: shall I release it as a theme with Elementor support, or create 2 different products: one theme without Elementor, and another with Elementor?

  2. Can I offer customization service on the theme’s support and demo site? Will it violate Themeforest rules or not?

1 - You can release two themes as long each one has different design and doesn’t look like one of your items that’s mean you can’t release the same theme one with page builder support and other without.

2 - Yes you can offer customization service and you can also mark in your profile that you are available for freelance from your account settings > profile, However you can’t ask your buyers for any extra fees to offer support unless you mark your item as un-supported.