Shopkeeper - visual composer missing display options....

Has anyone else noticed that the Shopkeeper theme bundle with Visual Composer has some design elements missing? I have watched some tutorials for Visual Composer and some of the simple design options for Parallax, in particular, are missing. I know Getbowtied Tools now maintains the Visual composer’s key, and all plugins and themes are updated to recent versions. Even the way my Visual composer interface looks, is different – all grey scale icons, not the brightly colored icons as in recent tutorials.

Am I alone in this dilemma? I would love to work this out and make use of the full capacity of the software.

Theme authors are free to modify Visual Composer to better fit the theme’s needs. That includes removing native elements in favor of custom theme elements, as well as restyling the overall VC interface.

If you want to use all native VC elements and the native VC interface, you need to purchase your own standalone license for Visual Composer and install that version on your site, while deactivating the version that comes with your theme.

well… that seems simple and straight forward enough. That should be stated in their documentation somewhere. You said it in three sentences. Easy. I’ll check into it.

Many thanks.