SFX prices

2 similar items

  1. https://audiojungle.net/item/digital-glitch/18102689
  2. https://audiojungle.net/item/digital-glitches/19260141

One is twice higher priced as another. Why?

Hi, I think that there are different sounds.

One has over 30 seconds of content, one has under.

And that one is lower on time have a bigger price. Is it fair?:innocent:

My item is selling well, so i have no problem, just wondering why item which have a lower time (at sum) have a higher price?

Oh yeah, thought t was the other way around. Probably not fair then, but on the bright side… seeing as the quality and content is similar, everyone’s more likely to buy yours instead of his! Although you could get in touch with support and see if they’ll increase your price.

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There is some more point in SFX pricing (If I remember correctly, I mentioned it far ago in the discussion about similar subject, did I? :wink:) The price depends on how the reviewer means those sounds: as different items included in a pack - or as the variations of the same item. In first case their prices are being calculated as a half of a single item’s price (uploaded separately), in second case - they have no additional prices. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to get where that borderline is, so I think it fully depends on reviewer’s personal subjective view.