Sound pack. Low price. Why?

Hello! I need a some help for understanding: uploaded sound pack - 25 simple and not so simple sounds for games and AJ set price 4$. Why price is so low?
I’ve seen other users sound packs and 25 short and very simple sounds is 10$ minimum - and my 25 sounds is only 4$ why? It is absolutely not profitable for me.
Thanks to advance!

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I’ve found this thread.It’s an old one.But,maybe the calcutaion method is the same for sound pack.
Hope it helps
But still pricing is strange.Your pack is over 1 minute long.And others are less 1 minute and cost more

Thanks for answer and help! Yes, it’s strange. Even if calculate like this, price still too low. I don’t understand. Probably better delete pack and try to add a couple new sounds and upload for recalculation.

Did you write to support?
Maybe it’s some kind of mistake

Let me quote myself, it might be useful to clarify this pricing issue: SFX prices

Not yet. I thought here will find the answer quickly.

Thank you very much for answer. It’s important information. Next time I will keep in mind.

Yes, if your pack contains many of closely similar sounds, the price is set low expectably. If you are disagree, you can try to solve it by request to support. But as you see, the low price increases the attractiveness of your pack for buyers :slight_smile:

Not so many, but yes - versions of some sounds this pack is contain. I think about it. Thanks!

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