Pricing of Sound Effects Question..?

Hi everyone. Above is the item in question. ^

I’m not used to the whole SFX pricing thing, so if someone could help me out that would be great. This item has been priced at $24 which I think is pretty excessive; I don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay that.

I assumed, wrongly obviously, that the price is based on the primary item, same as music. So would only be $1. There’s 48 very short SFX in this product, and not enough variety to warrant this price. The idea was to just give the buyer a wide variety to choose from.

It’s odd that the music I spend ages making gets priced at $19, whereas this thing that took me only like an hour and a half to complete gets $24.

Any ideas how to format this product so that I can possibly resubmit it, and get a $1 price tag so I can actually get some sales?

Thanks guys!!

It seems to be priced as though it were a sound pack. 48 SFXs at $1 each and 50% discount for pack.

You should update your item with a message for reviewers explaining that they should consider your item as a single SFXs with variations.

Thing is, I think there is a limitation for the number of variations you can include and it is well below 48. In which case, you should argue that the different SFXs included in your pack do not vary significantly and your pack should therefore be set at a lower price.

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Does seem a bit steep. You could always add/alter a tag and resubmit it for review asking if they could review the price. I’ve got a pack of 31 different sci-fi voice over items, that’s 50% longer than yours in duration, and that’s only $15!

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Thanks very much for the advice! I’ll have a go submitting an update and explaining the situation to the reviewers.

Unfortunately, I just had a go editing a tag, but it was approved automatically. So I tried altering the title as I thought that would definitely get a reviewer to have a look, but that was automatically approved too! Haha…

I shall have a hunt through the help files to see if I can work it out. Thanks again though.

Nice ideea, I will create an awesome pack from my items :smiley:

My advice:
-change the name to something like Poup

  • keep only few items - is way to repetitive
  • add the other ones as variations
  • change category (ask the reviewer)
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Hey everyone, thanks for the help! I managed to get everything working! =D I’ve cut it down to 12 pops now (took your advice sodasi_web, and also changed the name), and though I had to resubmit it about 10 times due to automation, and misunderstandings (I feel sorry for the poor reviewers), I got there in the end whoop!