How long for SFX reviews, and why the limit on uploads?

I joined AJ a while ago, but only recently got around to uploading some sounds.

It’s been over a week now, and the uploads are still queued for review - How long does it normally take?

I’m also curious, why the limit on the number of uploads, and how someone goes from Non-Elite to Elite/Power Elite (and what’s the difference)? Does the review time decrease?

I’m asking here, as I’ve not found any explanations in the FAQ, and similar topics on the forum are dated.

Do Exclusive authors get preferential treatment, other than a higher cut from sales? - around 13 days.

Elite = sold for $75,000+. Power Elite = sold for $1,000,000+. That would take more than 43 years even for the best SFX author if you only sell SFX, so don’t get your hopes up. :grin:

No difference in review time. They get a 70% cut (if exclusive) and access to a lot more analytics. They can also have more items in the queue.

Thanks @Flumen

I didn’t find that review time board - it’s pretty neat!

So, a member becomes elite after a certain number of sales? $75,000 seems… a lot. Yeah, a little disappointed that I’ll probably never reach that level :confused: and will be limited to 20 at a time.

Thanks for answering my questions :smile:

It is. Especially for SFX. Don’t get caught up with getting to elite though, just make great stuff and have fun!

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