Sfx and music in one profile or diffrent?

Hello, guys!
What you think, Is there a difference in the effectiveness of sales when sfx and music in different profiles? Or do not pay attention, and to merge all in one profile?

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Hi! I think it’s better to create different profiles for SFX and music. To my mind it’s better for searching your portolio by customers :blush:

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It’s the worse decision you can take.

Let’s say you are elite … so you get 70% right ?

Now create a new account for sfx … how many years it will pass until you get 70 % ?

And how about invoices ?


And what you do not like creating Collections?

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With the new upload limit, you better open 1000 accounts for your SFX :grimacing:


but new upload limit only about music, not sfx

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what about invoices?

2 accounts, 2 different company details ? or the same company details, and once someone is going to report you, you may loose everything … does it worth it the risk ?

Why not focus on better products ? The new ones or old ones

different details - one account for music and logos and other only for sfx.

There’s nothing wrong with having more than one account. I have one exclusive space stuff account, one non-exclusive space stuff account and one exclusive non-space stuff account.

As they’re all my accounts, I use the same details for each (name, contact details, tax info etc)… using different details for different accounts would be a bit strange, unless they’re actually owned by different people.

If I just sold music and sound effects I don’t think I’d bother separating them into two, there’s not really that much benefit. The reason I did it was I wanted some stuff to be exclusive, some stuff not, and a I wanted an account where I could upload non-space stuff. Would look a bit strange if you’ve got shots of kittens dancing in funny little outfits, nestled between planets, galaxies and nebulae.

Not that I have any shots of kittens dancing in funny little outfits, but it’s on the to-do list.

And as mentioned, you’ll go up the ranks and get to Elite quicker if as much of your stuff as possible is in the one account.

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thank you so much for your answer! I think about consumers and how they found my items and then oriented in my profile, and then remembered me or not.

Thanks for the answer

I have very positive experience in having both music and FXs mixed up in one profile :princess:

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Exactly, I wish I had my sfx and logos all under one roof with music, as it would add nice 2500 sales to my total sales count…