Am I allowed to link to my other account in the description?

Hey guys, so I have 2 accounts, one exclusive and one non-exclusive.

I was thinking of putting a link in the profile of each account, linking to the other one. Is that allowed? And is it a good idea?

The benefits would seem to be that traffic to one account could also be directed to the other and vice versa.

The drawback that I can see is that buyers might get confused why there are 2 accounts and what the difference is between them.

Just was wondering for those who have this same 2 account setup how you approach it. Do you keep them completely separate or do you try to connect the 2 together?

Hi there. I asked the same question here before. And the answer is yes, you can share links to your second profile here, and you can even create collections that include tracks from both of your profiles.

I also have two profiles here and crosslink them on my profile pages. Don’t think buyers will see any problems with an author having two different profiles.

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Thanks! I didn’t know you could create collections with tracks from both profiles, that’s really helpful to know

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