Separate accounts for husband and wife.

Hello everyone just a quick question. Is it possible for husband and wife to have separte accounts here in audiojungle? My wife is also a music producer.

Yes. Why wouldn’t it be?

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As long as you don’t start fighting over who has the most sales :stuck_out_tongue:


It has to be difficult to work at the same time. Battle for instruments, battle for playback volume, etc. Am I right?

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I have a wife in the mix as well… we share our account through our company, but we’ve split things up like this: I make the music, she sings the vocals, I take care of the forum posting and she takes all of the money :slight_smile:

On that note, if you’re going for exclusive accounts you’ll have double the work climbing to higher payout ratios. The main upsides would be more upload slots and brand separation.

Good luck :sunglasses:

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