I´d like to have a exclusive and non exclusive account ! How I do it ?

Hi guys ! How are you doing ?

I have a question for you ! I already have an exclusive account,
but I´d like to have a non exclusive account !

I konw that this can be done ! And is 100% correct to have 2 accounts !
But how I have to do it?

Thanks for advance !
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You just register it like the first one, just with different email.

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Hi Theo_sound. Thanks for your answer but I didn´t understand you quiet well
Sorry !

What exactly I have to do ?. If I create another account separately from my exclusive account
everybody could create so many accounts. That dosn´t make any sense from my point of view !

Could you be more specific please ? Thank you so much !


You register your second account as usual, just using another email, there are no any special actions needed.

everybody could create so many accounts

Yes, it’s true, and it’s a huge problem here AJ. But if you don’t upload the same items on different accounts and not trying to abuse the system, there is no problem at all. I have two accounts (ex and non-ex) and I’m OK :grinning:

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Hi again Theo_Sound !!!
Thanks for your fast response !

Ohhhhhhhhhhh ! Ok, I see ! Thank you so much !!! I really apreciate your help and thanks
for the time you took out doing this for me :+1:

By the way… I was just listening to your music ! it is wonderful ! Congratulations Theo_Sound :slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes :musical_note:


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Hello! There is a question: if I will sell certain tracks only here, but part of other tracks on different sites, will I be an exclusive author? Or exclusivity implies that I, as an author, will sell only here and nowhere else … in other words: I want to sell track 1 and 2 only here, but on another site there are my tracks 3 and 4 … Can I with these tracks 1 and 2 be exclusive here?

Exclusivity applies to the account, not to author. That means all items on your exclusive account should be selling only on AJ, but you can sell your other work anywhere you whant.

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