Having 2 accounts and P.R.Os

Hello Envato community.
I’m very new here so please excuse me if I’m asking something inappropriate but I want to know whether is possible to open 2 accounts on AJ with different email addresses, one for exclusive and one for non-exclusive items.
I’d also like to know what PRO members used to do prior to AJ accepting PRO registered tracks: would they simply not register those tracks and use a pseudonym? And if that’s the case, could I do that with one of the 2 accounts?
Thanks for any help! :slight_smile:

Hi SonoraCinematic - Welcome. Definitely yes to the first part of your question. Many authors, including myself, have 2 accounts with different names, established via different email addresses; one exclusive and one non-exclusive.

Regarding the P.R.O question I don’t have a good answer for you. I established my P.R.O. and registered existing tracks after AJ started accepting P.R.O. Perhaps others can shed some light on that. Note that, if you claim P.R.O. affiliation in a given account, then it is represented that way for all your tracks in that account, whether you have registered them or not. So, perhaps that helps with your decisions on approach.

Best of luck here!

Thanks for your answer!
I am mostly concerned about SFX which I plan to sell a lot (I have a large collection) and it wouldn’t make any sense to have them PRO and thus excluded from search criteria.
So my plan would be to have an exclusive/PRO account and a non-exclusive/non-PRO one but I’m trying to understand whether that is possible/appropriate.

It looks like it is possible. I checked each of my accounts. In each you can declare P.R.O. or not. This is menu item found in the Profile Settings page (lower left).

Thanks!!! Very helpful :slight_smile: