Question of exclusive and non-exclusive author

Hi, I would like to know if the same person can have two different accounts, one non-exclusive and the other exclusive.
I am currently a non-exclusive author on AJ. I would like to start doing something exclusive for AJ without eliminating everything I already have for sale here on AJ and other stores.
It is my intention to send exclusive music to every store where I am registered.

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Here you will find about that


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Exclusivity applies to your items here. That is, if you decide to become an exclusive author, then your items should be available only here and cannot be distributed (is free, without watermark) or sold anywhere, as long as you are the exclusive author here. Read the link above (there in more detail), the moderator wrote faster than me (while I was writing the message). :laughing:
Good luck!

yes the same person can have two different accounts but must have to follow the Exclusivity Policy. Thanks

So to open a new exclusive account, do I have to perform the standard registration procedure or should I request it by contacting Envato support?


Please Contact Support and let them know. They will guide you about this concern.


Hello ! In order for you to open a new account, you just need to register (as usual), you do not need to write in support of Envato. Also: when you fill in your data, keep in mind that they correspond to the same data as on your other accounts (real name, tax information(W8 or W9, etc.).
Good luck!