Setting up Exclusive and Non-Exclusive account under the same email account

Is it possible to set up both an exclusive and non-exclusive account under same email?

I assume not, but if anyone could please verify or let me know how to do so?

It is cumbersome to have to create a custom email to be able to switch. Envato recommends setting up 2 accounts, yet provides no meaningful way of doing so unless I missed something. I can find no support links anywhere for authors to use either. It becomes less and less attractive to remain on this platform given the lack of support.

I have two accounts, set up for two different emails, and i use two different browsers (Chrome and Opera) to access them. I think it’s easy and fast way of doing things, since the second account is non-exclusive, so i’m using the second browser to upload on other non-exclusive markets.

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You can’t set up more than one account under same email address.

That’s a workaround for sure. But how do you link your accounts so your customers can see both? It seems inflexible to me the way it is currently set up by Envato and it isn’t in our customers best interest nor does it serve them well in terms of searching for sounds. I wish there was a better solution in place.

You can add a link to your second account on the profile page, or create a collection containing items from both accounts, so they can appear on item’s page as “recomended items.” But from customer’s point of view it may be a bit confusing, like “why this author has two accounts? what’s that exclusivity means?”, etc, so i prefer to handle two accounts as two separate entities. There’s no fuctionality on AJ site to handle this anyway better, so i just don’t bother. And my strategy is to focus different accounts on different genres and pricing, so any “linking” between these two wouldn’t help much anyway.