selling unsupported themes

Should Envato continue to sell unsupported themes?
How long should non-updated themes be posted for sale?

I bought Dalton, a great theme in 2017, and my site was running smoothly and I was very satisfied with the theme and its functionality with plugins. The theme had been updated a couple of months before I purchased it, but not since.
So - as WordPress and Plugins continue to be updated and Dalton is not, plugins have started becoming incompatible, and I am forced to buy another theme and re-theme my site.

Hello @jorr_ejward and welcome to Envato Forums,

First of all, if that unsupported option is available on items / seller’s accounts then anyone can use it without any problems.

In the meantime if the author is not responding, you can comment on the item’s page and maybe someone will help you out with a solution.

One other alternative can be Envato Studio. You can find for a developer and work with to solve any of your problems.

Good Luck!

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