sell a plugin

Just asking, I bought a plugin by mistake, my partner downloaded it and Author is not giving refund and I really dont want this plugin. Its stupid because plugin needs a license code so the Author can see we are NOT using it.

Its expensive so I want to know if I can resell it or its is againts the evanto policy.

I have been in evanto many years, bought many themes and plugins and its the first time I make a mistake, Author thinks I am stealing the plugin or something.

Kind regards


In Envato market each Item has a unique license. Each license for each single application. A single application means one unique end product (which can be copied and made available to end users of that product). So, when you will purchase any Item you will get a license(purchase code) for that Item.

You can’t resell the Item because item license only work for the purchaser account. Only item purchaser will get Author support for Item, can download updated version.


I dont understand this, I have many websites and I buy my plugins for one single account, I mean I dont have an account for each of my websites.

I know they Will not have the Author support but I was thinking of selling it for less than Half Price or even give it for free, so I dont Think they Will care much about support, its a 92$ plugin that I am never going to use and I feel really angry because I thought that after years in evanto I was not going to be treated like a thieve.

The question is if its againts evanto policy to sell the plugin or not

Kind regards

No it’s not allowed to sell it “as is”. You would need have modified it and included it as part of a different project

FYI you can ask envato about a refund although officially mistaken purchases would not automatically constitute one