Licensing question

I got a single license product that I need for a landing page someone else is building for me. I don’t know him well so I cloned my site and uploaded the plugin there.

After he is done I will upload the page to the original site. Can I delete the plugin from the old so it’s on my working site and still be within the bounds of my purchase?


yes, you can remove the plugin from the old one and use in your working site. But if you already register the plugin license for old one then you have to unregister first before remove from the old one then have to use and register for the working site. because one license will be valid for a single end product.


Great. Where would I unregister the product? I just went into my account and couldn’t find it off hand. Thanks for your help.

Contact your purchased item author. Author support team will assist you.

How to contact an author: