Can i resell plugins to peple?

emailed 2 staff, they never responded. Now im here. Can i resell the plugins i purchase from here?

In short: No, you can’t.

The standard license allows you to use the item for one website, and you can “sell” the final website to the end client (effectively transferring the plugin license to the end client in the process), which is how every professional web designer works.

The extended license allows you to use one purchased item to be included with another item, where the other item must be MUCH larger in scope (for example, bundling a plugin with a theme). You can then sell that other (larger) item, but only on one of the Envato marketplaces (usually ThemeForest).

But you can NOT simply resell a plugin you purchased here, no matter what license you purchased.

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thank you for the reply thats all i wanted, thanks mate!