Self-improvement for authors, feedback! -Technical reject, -Arrangement reject ... Stop War! Lufs ON!

I do not think that the proposer is selfish, but it is BIG loss of the community to increase the burden of the reviewers.

I thought whether there is a way for the reviewer to give appropriate hints to the rejected author while keeping the review queue at the proper length.

How about allowing reviewers to prepare options that can be clicked on in advance so that reviewers can easily present hints to authors?

For example,

This Track was rejected because it corresponds to “Minimize sudden shifts or pauses” of “Music General Acceptance and Sales Tips For Musicians by Musicians”.

If the author gets such hints, may not the reviewer’s burden increase while helping an inexperienced authors?


This was exactly my suggestion! And I would like only two options, to simplify reviewer’s task:
“mixing/mastering” and “other”.

I was once rejected because of lack of clarity in my mix… but I did not know it, so people told me that maybe it was because of my drum fills, or my bass, or the style… One guy thought found the mix was a bit muffled… and well he was right!!

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In order for the reviewer to click on the reason for reject and to give hints to the author, the system needs renovation.
If it is refurbished, the author gets hints and claims are reduced, but since there is no benefit to the whole Envato commuity, investment may not be done.

When a track that brought lots of profits to me at Japanese audiostock was rejected, I was shocked, but understood that the quality standards are different.

Even without explanation of the reason, many many authors have passed the review and can post. In short, ”not giving reject reason” itself may function as a quality gate control.

Such gate is called “climbing dragon gate” in Japanese.

A ”carp” that climbed a fast waterfall without help can metamorphose to ”dragon” and succeed.

Dear @Androlex, I am also a newcomer. let’s learn hard together.:wink:

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One word about the rejection’s reason would be a “one giant leap for mankind”

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