Delayed "hard rejected"

I have already suggested this, but this issue has not received due attention. But for now, it’s time for Envato to change. Try again.
There are tracks that are created at a high level. For example, this track from the theme “Feedback 4 Reflections”.

I’m sure the reviewer before deciding to give “hard rejected” some time doubted.

The essence of my idea is to make for similar tracks “trial period” when the track is accepted with the condition of removal after a certain time if it will not be sold. for example, the track has 500 views but no one downloads its demo. I will not be long to paint the mechanism I want to convey the essence.

Wow I understand the idea… but would be difficult to implement I guess!

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There is nothing complicated. need a script that will read the desired values after which he decides to delete the track or transfer it to a permanent basis. Reviewers sometimes find it very difficult to decide to give “hard rejected” I understand them as a musician. The method that I propose will remove the burden of responsibility with the reviewer and at the same time begin to appear fresh hits. I understand that I propose to destroy the system which has evolved over the years, but otherwise we are stepping on the spot.

yeah! very nice idea and composition! it’s more like a personal work… maybe for ballet… poetry… don’t know… you have a strong idea of composition, very nice piano and good accompaniament… I also love waltzes… :smiley: it’s hard to say but I guess the last change of tempo doesn’t help much.
Good luck! :smiley: