Seeking the Music for Elegant Parallax Opener

I recently downloaded Elegant Parallax Opener by “after you” but they did not include a link to the music so I could purchase it. Does anyone have a clue where to find it? or how?

Thanks in advance to everyone for your help.

Has you tried to send an email to afteryou asking about music.?
I dont recognize it.

In Envato Elements, I can find no way to contact the author directly.

Ups, i didnt know you can not send an email!
In audiojungle is easy to do.
I hope any other could help you. Good luck!!

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Hello, I won’t be rude and copy paste the “Let me google it for you”… :slight_smile:
But I tried it… simply put ‘“Elegant Parallax Opener” audiojungle’ in google search… and you’ll find the youtube video… and in the description they give the reference to this really nice music:

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What a waste of time for the buyer! How hard can it be to realize music is a pretty important part and that it should be mandatory (and enforced) to link to the music item!!

Not doing so is wasting buyers time as well as insulting and demeaning the music author! Well done Elements, well done indeed!

Here’s the original thread about upload requirements for Videohive items on Elements and the fact that you cannot include html links

Yeah, this overlooking should have been fixed by now. This is unacceptable.

if you really search for the video (I guess I can’t link it here) then you’ll see that he gave a direct link to buy the music + gave explicit credit…

@PurpleFogSound I am surprised here… why is it insulting…? I mean, the video author has paid to use some music, and I did not know that crediting the music was mandatory…
And for the buyer: the buyer is buying… a video template, not some music?
The music is here to make his own promo…

I am confused here…

(even though I really prefer when music is fully credited, and so much appreciated that the buyer of a video template also wants to buy the music :slight_smile: )

Thing is, this information should be available right there on the item page. You shouldn’t have to browse the Internet to get it.

Videohive authors do not have to buy a license to the music. They are allowed to use any AJ previews as long as they link to the item. This is Envato’s policy and this is the deal we agreed to. There is no reason for AJ authors to provide free music if they are not credited and linked to.

Well, many buyers want to buy the music the video template was edited to, as the OP does. Not providing a link to the music here is just bad business.

Often times the music is not just here as videohive “promo”. It is an inherent part of the video item that makes it complete. It sets the pace and energy. The template is very often edited to the beat and parts of the track.

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Don’t know about ASAP… @Sarah_G told us on April 6, that they were working on a solution and would keep us posted. Haven’t seen anything on that since then… This is not serious and quite disrespectful. @Sarah_G care to give us an update on this?

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oh ok, yes I had forgotten about this!!
Now I understand why you reacted :slight_smile:

Wow. I didn’t know this would create such an uproar.
I downloaded a few Elements projects and ALL of them either included links to additional items or music in the help file for training videos. This one happened to not.

A couple hours ago my brain kicked in and I search for the author through the other relevant Envato areas and was licky that this author also has a profile there. I reached out and within moments he replied back with the title and link to the music which I immediately purchased.

Just now, I went to his profile and saw that he is still offering the same title as a purchasable items and, becasue he so swiftly answered, I purchased the same file that I downloaded for free from Elements.

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yes this is cool… just wondering why my answer (with the title and link to the music) was not the one you expected… oh well… :frowning: