Can anyone help me find the music score found on this Opener?

I’m relatively new to Envato, so I’m still learning the eco system. Have noticed some authors include links or titles of the scores they use in their video templates. I usually don’t use the same music the author uses, as I really like to tailor my work to my needs and taste. However, in this case, the music is perfect for the mood I’m trying to create with this template. I’ve already spent a few hours searching for the music on Envato, using the filters for “length”, “mood” and other factors, including the tags associated with the template – all to no avail. I even went as far as record the audio in order to be able to view the sound wave, so I could have a visual aid when searching on Envato. Wondering if someone has a trick they can share. Here is the link to the asset, and the audio being used.

Thank you for any help.

Search the project in the marketplace and check the description.

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t know the Marketplace existed - or that there was a difference between an Envato subscription and a Marketplace account.

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You shouldn’t have to check the marketplace and waste your time. The video template author has an contractual obligation to properly credit the music. It’s a real shame that so many of them decided not to bother fulfilling their obligations.

@lolamontes the rules don’t apply to you? or what’s going on here?

@ArtHaiz your rights are being infringed upon, you may want to clear things out with @lolamontes and demand the proper credit you’re entitled to.

i already did @PurpleFog.

look at the description.
and why are you so angry with this!

The fact that you credited the music on your VideoHive item does not change the fact that you have not credited the music on your Elements item, even though it is mandatory. This is a breach of the terms. Please amend ASAP!

From what I can see this has or maybe had been done previously. Thank you for your answers.

thank you for all of the input from everyone. Oversights happen, not a huge deal. At least I found the music now. Thanks to everyone’s help. And @lolamontes just wanted to tell you that you do some incredible work, so thank you for sharing on Envato. I’m currently working on that mystery trailer. Keep up the great work.

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