Secrets of high-quality sound! Plug-ins and Reverb you used!

can anyone share their secrets of high-quality sound? :blush:

Also what VST plug-ins do you use? for example, I used Waves, T-Racks, Izotope Ozone 6. Especially interested reverb for mixed and mastering…

Secrets must be secrets, in other case - they are not anymore :wink: Joke

There are tones of plugins, what do you exactly need? Guitars? Orchestra?

interested sound processing plug-ins)

I just use the stock reverb that comes with the DAW :slight_smile:

For EQ I use a stock 7-band. For mastering I use (in moderation) a multi-band compressor / maximiser and the free brickwall limiter, LoudMax.

I don’t really buy into the hype that getting fancy plugins makes your mixes sound better. Of course there are some exceptions, but in general, it’s more about using what you’ve got correctly and conscientiously

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Hey there :]

In my opinion, you can achieve high quality mixes and sound with almost any set of basic plugins (EQ, reverb, compressor).
The hard thing is to learn how to use these plugins correctly. It requires a lot of practice and learning, but that’s the only way to get better.

Good luck to you my friend!

High quality sound it’s about how much experience you have and how do you hear it. I mean if you novice and have no experience you can get hundred advices from big names in sound production industry, but you will never get same result if you have no experience… It’s all about how you hear mixes and what can you do with it.
Good luck with sound production! :sunglasses:


I changed my processing set to Waves and I fell in love with its H compressor, most of the time I produce EDM so I don’t really know the other genres secrets :stuck_out_tongue:

Usually I use standart presets in FL Studio - Reverb, Delay, for dimensions, EQ for frequency cutting and Maximus for final mastering. Ah, and limiters for limiting :wink:

But, like other said, you just cant have high-quality sound without experience and of course time investing.

I may also suggest to you Izotope Ozone. Its kinda user friendly, and if you mix your tracks well, then you can start from Izotope presets, tweak them a bit, may be try to find your own sounding, and finally get, what you call high quality sound! :blush:

I second that, I use Izotope Ozone 5 Advanced - the components are seperate in the advanced version which is helpful

Stock FLStudio Reverb, Delay if I want something simple - Rob Papen Delay and Verb if I want something a bit more fancy or Guitar Rig 5 Pro with the Traktors 12 plugins (which is very useful)

Any Fabfilter fans here?

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Got the same philosophy that @AurusAudio stated.

I don’t own a single 3rd party plugin, except for Melodyne.

Right now Alchemy from Logic X and Ozone 5!!!

A really good processor of sound (plugin) will make really good results even if you push it too hard.
So whatever in your ear makes this processing, that’s a good one!
I realized this recently. The plugins are supposed to be sounding good. If something doesn’t sounds good then its not so good.

Fabfilters L is a killer, absolutely simple and amazing!!

And Fabfilters MultiBand also! =)

I think the secret is in education on how to use plugins or better said any plugin.

These two channels have tons of great advice and inspiration to use the knowledge your way:

1. Recordingrevolution:

2. Dave Pensado’s Into the lair:


yep. fabfilter limiter is awesome. best I’ve ever had :grinning: what you use?

UAD plugins :sunglasses:

Recording revolution is great. It helps to learn how to think right. And it’s really more about how we use tools we have. But… Steven Slate’s plugins surely will do :smile:

Hi guys!Softube and McDSP-very nice,very “analog”:evergreen_tree: