DAW stock limiter


Hi friends!)Do you use stock limiter (and other built in plugins of course) in mastering? how is the result?


I use mostly stock plugins for my mixes along with a few free plugins. I use a 7-band EQ for any final small frequency adjustments, a Multi-Band Compressor for that last bit of energy and just a touch of the Thrillseeker XTC (free) exciter for sparkle, and LoudMax (free) brick wall to prevent clipping, on the master channel in that order.

I like to use these in moderation though, only to add that last bit of sparkle to the mix. For me, the sign of a good mix is one that already sounds polished before the mastering phase :wink:

I don’t really buy into the hype that expensive plugins are the key to a great mix. If you can make a great mix using just stock plugins and minimal use of others in the mastering stage, you’re doing it right.


I sometimes use the built in limiter in Ableton Live. I use a chain of EQ8 > Multiband > Limiter. I’m satisfied with the result I get with that combination. I do have other tools for mastering. But to be honest, the built in tools works just fine.


Thank you! i always used 3rd party plugins on master.But now i want to try master with only stock plugins.Just for my self, for practice. Just interested in result)


Ableton has nice built in plugins!i used ableton.It’s my first DAW.Now i use Studio One. Some cool features there (i can listen to mono in one click, i can name the piano roll). But there is really cool reverb in Ableton!


I own no 3rd-Party Plugins. :sunglasses:

Partly because I spend my money on things like diapers, mortgage payments, and bread.
But also because I ascribe to the same philosophy that @AurusAudio mentioned above.


Don’t see the point in expensive plugins (yet).
What “Aurus” says: clear the problems beforehand, set it up right and then you need to add less.


Thank you for you answer!yep, diapers are important thing)


i agree with you! i can do good sound with stock eq,compressor even reverb, but limiter is so aweful in any daw)or maybe i’m so aweful in any limiter)


I use (different) limmiters differently, according to what the track needs.


Stock plugins you can also make a decent sound! though I mostly use limiters from vaves (L2) and fabfilter)


Yeeeaaaahhh sort of. I usually use Sonar’s stock Compressor as a Limiter - It’s pretty transparent sounding to my ears. I also use the stock Eq, and sometimes the stock Gate (obviously not for master), but the Sonar Gate is not that good…

I’m partial to Vladislav Goncharov’s (free) Limiter No.6 for Compression. If you guys have never tried that thing, I highly recommend it.


I like FabFilter ProL. As for stock Plugs, I’m with Cubase, so I try to avoid them. The new Tube and Vintage compressors are maybe the only exception.


presonus studio one built in limiter :slight_smile: