What software are you using for your Music and Mastering?

Hi guys,
What software are you all using to produce your tracks for AJ?
I’m using Apple Logic Studio X and mostly use the native plugins and Waves Gold for mastering.
Be interesting to know what other software/DAW other authors are using.

Ableton, a lot of libraries (for example Spectrasonics, Komplete, Project Sam, Amplesound, Nexus, Addictiv Drums), some Ableton effects, some not important vst effects and Ozone :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking of buying Ozone. Are you on the latest version? For my dance music productions I get them professionally mastered. Ideally I’d like a preset that works for 90% of my work rather than the expense of mastering on a short audio piece. Would you recommend it for that?

And I will eventually bite the bullet and buy Komplete but then that will be my life over going through it all for the next few years! :slight_smile:

I’m using logic for orchestral stuff and ableton for dance stuff. I use ozone and fab filter for mastering.

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I’ve never played around with Ableton yet. Any reason why you don’t do it all in Logic or visa versa?

Software wise: FL Studio and Cubase (mostly - FL). For mastering - Izotope Ozone Advanced only. Some Waves Plugins as well form time to time, like my farourite Abbey Road Vinyl - not only it is cool for vinyl emulation but also gives a thicker sound overall, great on drum bus and helps to tame down nasty transients)

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I’ve not really used Waves much. The one knob series are useful but I got annoyed at their subscription model as I didn’t extend and now it’s unsupported after spending a lot of money buying it. I’m hoping to visit Abbey Road soon as a friend does a lot of his mastering there.

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I have Ozone 6 and it is ok. Mastering presets aren’t universal. Spend some time on learning mastering process and you will achieve much more than using presets. And remember in mastering less is better. At the beginning try to use only some limiter and eq. And that is all for the beginning.

Good thing is, there are plenty to choose from, FabFilter, for example :slight_smile: And yes, I know few guys who don’t like Waves for some reason…

For mastering:
Ableton / Izotope 7/ Tokyo Down Labs Nova/ Slick Eq / Kotelnikov / sometimes Waves J-37 Tape emulation

Bob Katz makes mixing and mastering my tracks. I don’t know how he does it. I have to ask.

I use Cockos Reaper. Been using it for over 2 years now after being a Pro Tools fan, but couldn’t keep up with the costs of upgrades etc.

Found Reaper to be very good all round.

RE: mastering - my plugin chain varies a little, depending on the track. But my goto plugins are Slate’s VBC, Eiosis Air EQ, Slate’s FG-X limiter, and some of Reaper’s stock plugins - ReaEQ, XComp and Master Limiter.

+1 for Bob Katz’s book Mastering Audio. A very insightful read.

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I used Slate Digital and Fabfilter pro-L for final limiter.

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Are you on the Slate subscription? Only heard good things, but it all starts adding up and have to choose carefully for what I go for. I’d rather pay for something once, but the slate subscription does seem good value for money.

I’d bought VMR, FG-X, and AirEQ. Then when the subscription model came out I went for it - the cost of one plugin for a year and you get a whole bunch! It’s worth it in my opinion, you get a lot of decent plugins.

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