Search items

I want to add the photos from Envato api on my website
I’ve noticed that the search api gives the ability to search only the first 6000 products total.
Since the maximum items per page is 100
and they allow to search only up to page 60

What if I want 10,000 photos on my website? 50,000? how can I achieve that?
they have 3.5m products total.

Having encountered this exact issue myself, I can give you some tips, although ultimately you won’t be able to easily retrieve all items – and in some cases it will be impossible to get them all.

By searching with sort_direction set to asc and then searching again with it set to desc, you can increase the number of results to 12,000.

You can repeat this process with different sort_by settings to capture even more items. Of course, you will need to have your own database where you store the items in order to prevent duplicates and spam.

From there, the best you can do is apply different combinations of filters such as colors or size. In some cases, you may find certain filters that divide all of the items into groups of less than 12,000.

Yeah that is the hack I’m also doing :slight_smile: filtering from many directions as possible, thanks for the tips!