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Hello everyone, I want to share with you a problem I encountered. In Envato Elements, products with a maximum of 50 pages appear on our portfolio page. Some sellers, for example, have products with more than 50 pages, but it is not possible to look at those products after 51 pages. I don’t understand what is the reason for this. I think they need to fix this. @BenLeong

@BenLeong @KingDog

From what I read here:

This seems to have been the same way for a few years - you would need to contact support and see how and if this can be improved for you.
By my calculations you have 4064 digital assets, and allowing 48 per page, means technically you need 85 pages not 50 to display them all.

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I believe it’s a deliberate choice since if you haven’t found what you’re looking for by page 50 then you might want to try a different search term :sweat_smile: But with the library continuing to grow, it’s possible we’ll relook at that limit.

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@KingDog I’ve reached the page 51 looking for something, but not on Envato. In an other kind of website… Sometimes it is really useful.

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The current issue is something I haven’t encountered on any stock website I’ve used thus far. This problem also extends to the Envato Elements platform. To navigate beyond the 50th page, you must modify the link, and while this isn’t a major inconvenience for me, what truly matters is the comprehensive visibility of all the products.

I often use my seller account to showcase and introduce my products to potential customers. If they find my products appealing, I recommend that they subscribe and make their purchases from Envato Elements. This is a practice I’ve found beneficial for my business, and it supports the growth of the Envato Elements platform as well.

In fact, it’s essential to acknowledge that this issue is not exclusive to my experience. One of my customers provided feedback, highlighting the discrepancy between the number of my products and the count displayed on Envato Elements. Such feedback from customers is particularly noteworthy, as it can impact the overall user experience and the platform’s credibility.

Envato should consider intensifying their efforts to address these issues and make the necessary adjustments to ensure a smoother user experience. This would be advantageous for both sellers and customers, ultimately enhancing the overall platform experience. @BenLeong

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Thanks for the feedback so far. I’ll pass it on the the Elements team.


It’s really important for me to find out whether this issue will be resolved or not. Please keep everyone following this matter informed about the outcome. So, I kindly request continuous updates and notifications regarding whether this problem is being addressed. This is of significant importance not just for me but for all the other sellers as well, as it can contribute to enhancing the overall experience on the platform. Thank you. @BenLeong

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Referring to a previous message, it was claimed that this change was made to reduce the infrastructure load. However, this explanation is not truly satisfactory. While reducing the infrastructure load is undoubtedly important, it is equally critical for sellers to be able to showcase their products comprehensively.

To address this issue, several potential solutions can be considered:

  1. Removing Page Limits: The simplest solution could be to entirely remove the page limits. This would allow sellers to display all their products on a single page, providing customers with a better browsing experience.
  2. Improved Filtering Options: A second approach could be to add more advanced filtering options. This would enable customers to find the products they desire more quickly and easily.
  3. Category Organization: The platform can enhance visibility by better categorizing and presenting products in a more organized manner.

These proposed solutions can be used to increase the visibility of all products, providing a better experience for both sellers and customers. @BenLeong


@KingDog we encountered an issue with this recently when we wanted to update an old item.

However we found that there’s no link to “update item” on the public portfolio or item page, and we couldn’t find the item in the contributor admin because the contributor admin is also limited to 50 pages.

It’d be great if you could add an edit button to item pages so we can change/edit old items. (sometimes customers report issues in files and we want to fix them)


I have the same problems, only 50 pages are available. So this means that 30% of my templates don’t work. And whatever I do, is that my limit? What’s the point of uploading projects (I mean more than 50 pages)?

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they will still show up in general search results. The point is that nobody goes to your portfolio and browses page-by-page through 50 pages for an item.