Elements profile page is showing 404 (Not Found) errors

Hi guys, I need some support here and the support page told me to come to the forum ask for help.

I am part of a community of designers that lives here in Silicon Valley, and sometimes I share my profile when they are looking for some laptops and mobile phones mockups to download. Now I am not able to do it anymore.

Every time I try to open my profile, or share the link. The same is happening if you go to one of my assets and click to “see more from this author”. My profile is not shwoing up anymore. I am probably loosing some sales because of it.

Test here.

How can we fix it? Can someone from Envato help me on that?

yes, me too
Need help !

Heya. It’s a known issue that’s being worked on. Thanks!


what if you use Download 66 Voarcc Items - Envato Elements instead of https://elements.envato.com/user/voarcc ?

(just replace /user/ with /all-items/ instead)

Elements Author Profile pages are back up again - you can see the incident report here:

The /user profile pages were offline for a few hours, but the rest of Elements (including the all-items method shared above) have been working with no interruptions.

When I try to go to my Elements portfolio, I get this error message. But I can see individual photos, just not an account’s portfolio. Mine or anyone else’s.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll investigate.


Out of the 33 bookmarks of T20 friends that I have, I can only see 3 portfolios.

Yeah it’s an issue that the Devs are looking into. It doesn’t appear to effect sales just the profile pages.

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I’ve merged a couple of threads about this issue, but they’ve come through out of sequence - sorry for the mess! The Elements Profile page issue has now been fixed - I’ve added some details above.