How to narrow a search?

The more terms I add to narrow a search, the more results I get.

For example, “family home” gets 53,000 results. “Family home living room” gets 73,000 results. It looks like anything over two terms searches by “or” and not “and”. How can I make it “and”?

Hey there. Is this related to a product you’ve purchased on Envato or one of the marketplace search engines?

It’s the marketplace search engine.

There’s a sidebar to the left side of the screen when searching where you can narrow down results based on different filters, that may help in this scenario. In this case, the search engine will pull results for family, home, living, room, that’s why all of these appear at once. The sheer amount of available items makes indexing them quite a difficult task. You can drop a message to → Envato Market Help and Support with your feedback on the matter. They are always looking to improve buyer experiences. Cheers! :blush:

The photos are tagged really well, so I think search refinement is doable. With 50,000+ results, I’m always stuck looking at the same first 10 pages because there are too many results. I feel it wastes the sheer amount of content that’s being hosted. The devs need to address this.

Totally agree. I don’t have the time to step through thousands of results when I can go elsewhere and do what I want in no time.
I’d expected Envato Elements to be my main source of photos, videos, sound, etc but it’s just a huge mess. Shame: there’s clearly a bug in your code – I mean, how can adding words to a query INCREASE the results returned? Where would Google (or anyone) be if that happened? – but you don’t seem to want to get around to fixing it.