Is there any way to do an advanced search in Envato Elements?

It seems impossible to search with more than one keyword. I can’t understand why this should be a problem for a modern day search engine. It makes no sense. I wasn’t informed about this when I signed a subscripton. I can’t believe it. So I have to ask: Is it really impossible to search specificly, combining keywords and narrow down a search like in any other search engine?

Hi @hawah83

Maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but are you not seeing the search bar at the top of the page?

It seems to allow me to narrow my search with multiple words and categories.

I can choose a category, or search all of them at the same time.

And I am able to type multiple words to specify exactly what I’m looking for.

Here is an easy example of the kind of search results I am thinking about:

  • You found 41,169 “old table” photos
  • You found 276,874 “old wooden table” photos

An additional keyword doesn’t do a more specific search or narrow the results down. It just creates a lot of other results in addition.