Request to Envato: Too many irrelevant results! Please add prefix search options! (example -word)

Sorry if this is the wrong category, couldn’t find feature request relevant forums anywhere!

Envato has been pretty great, the major issue though that we have with it is searches, even using as many filters as possible.

Free sites like Pixabay have better search functionality.

Sometimes, when searching for an asset like “autumn sunset” there will be too many results. Adding a word like “autumn sunset farm” for example, more than doubles the search results! Many of them are irrelevant. There should be less results.

Please, add options to make searches more restrictive, like quotes for exact titles, minus to omit from results (especially important for finding photos without people in them).

The way the search is structured now greatly slows down the speed of finding assets.

Forgot to add. If there are no results, don’t show results!

For example, searching Aral Sea, comes up with 120k images! None of which appear to be the Aral Sea! I’d rather have no results than search thorough 120k to find nothing.