Envato API help needed


we need some help in integrating Envato’s API. How can we get all the items from a specific category or section of Envato (e.g Photodune, Themeforest etc) with the API?


Follow this article for API Key



I have the key but I can’t find out what is the call to get all the envato items. Could you please help me?

Hi @okiud!

The API doesn’t necessarily support returning all items from a given category, because we have a backend limit on the number of search results that can be returned.

API documentation can be found at build.envato.com.

The method you’ll want to use is /search/item. You can specify the page size (max 100) and page number (max 60) in the parameters to this call, so you can retrieve a maximum of 6,000 items for a given set of search parameters. The API response contains a links element which contains URLs to next/previous pages.

You can list categories for a site using the /categories:{site}.json method.

Because one of the parameters to the /search/item method is category, you can iterate over all the categories for a given site, calling the search endpoint for each site+category combination. That will get you the majority of items. If you find a category that has more than 6,000 items, you can use other search criteria to subdivide that (for example, you could use the data from the tags aggregation to iterate over each site+category+tag combination). Using a method like this you’ll be able to access all the items.

Hopefully that gets you going!


thanks for your answer. What do you mean with page size (max 100) and page number (60)? is it the page number and size of a specific category?


When you make a request to the /search/item method, the page_size parameter controls how many results are returned per request, and the page parameter controls which page of results you want to see.

For example: a search for site themeforest.net and category cms-themes returns the first 30 results out of 1,643 total results. The default value for page_size is 30, so there are 55 total pages of results. This is “page 1”. To see the next 30 results, you can either repeat your search with a value of 2 for the page parameter, or you could just follow the URL found in next_page_url in the links section, which will always take you to the next page of results.

Repeating the same search above but also setting the page_size parameter to 100, there would be 17 total pages of results, and you’d access them the same way.

The API is limited to returning 100 items per request (that’s the max value for page_size), and will only allow you to request up to 60 total pages. Hence if you’re using 100 for page_size, you can receive a maximum of 6,000 items for any given query.

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