Search for videos of landscape by train window


For all video professionals. I need videos of landscape filmed by a train window. (Angle 90° from window)
The rendering has to be a 15-20 minutes video, WITH station departure and arrival.
The film can be edited. I don’t need sound.
We can pay $100 by video.
Exemple :
Contact me for more informations :slight_smile:

Thank you very much !
Jean-Christophe (France)

Does it matter time of the year (season) and location?

Thank you for your answer !
No matter the season and location.
Have you some files ?

No i just though why not to take a train and film it. But today is very bad weather, what is the deadline on your side? I currently in Lithuania, there is a short 30min trip Vilnius-Trakai by train. Btw it would be usefull if you post some picture of exact angle you are looking for 90 degrees it should look like it`s locked down angle?


The angle and high must be the same as this one :

This is for a medical project. It’s about old people with Alzheimer :

The deadline is about march 15th.