Can you specify in detail the reason for the rejection?

Hello everyone. They rejected it. Please tell a couple of recommendations what my mistake is. Otherwise, they can be done endlessly and interest in all this will disappear. I looked in sales there is a very similar quality. Watch the video


Данная ссылка не существует

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Already working

If anything, the lighting looks flat and boring, cause you filmed the video in mid-day. Then all the random buildings and boats’ colors don’t improve the quality of the shot too.

Hiding these random colors or shooting at more interesting (like evening) lighting could improve the quality. Then the camera movement isn’t interesting as well, it’s just going back, no intricate smooth turning or panning. Again there’s lots of videos with this camera movement, but I’m just being super picky now :smiley:

From my clips submitting experience I would always get a few rejected clips from every upload batch. Were those clips so much worse than the accepted ones? No, sometimes even better in my opinion lol. So take these rejections as a given and with a grain of salt. Some clips will get lucky and others won’t.

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understood thanks. :wink: :+1:

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