Timelapse video rejected "isn't at the quality standard required".

Hello everybody, after waiting a couple of days for the Envato review, my timelapse was unfortunately rejected due to “isn’t at the quality standard required”, which it doesn’t explain properly what happen.
Can someone with better experience then me tell more about it? Here is my time-lapse.
Why for you it was rejected? Every suggestion will be helpful.
Thank you.

The original video was at 1080p and I was going to upload a 4K version.

do you like that trees shaking ?

better to use video for that part and use mask


Hi there,

thanks for the heads up. So if the foreground trees were more blended together having more motion blur it should be ok?
What do you mean by “better to use video for that part and use mask”?.
Thanks in advance.

better to avoid foreground trees. change the place.
but if you want to have some static objects on timelapse - make a video of that part, then combine with timelapse video using masks in video editor.

Ok, that’s interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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