How do I share without lose footage?

I was about to post the stock footage in there that was rejected, but then everyone will have access to it use as they want.

I know it was rejected on Envato but it was already accepted on Shutterstock so not sure how I am able to show the footage?



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Hi! You can add a watermark, upload the video to Youtube and post the link here

Set your video as Unlisted on YouTube.

Then only the link you post here will work - it won’t be publicly visible.

Hi there

Sorry didn’t think about the watermark thing, Please find the video link below only just been upload with a watermark, might take a few to process the HD & 4k but it was rejected unsure the reason.

is correct I am not allowed to re-upload if I fix the issue?



Take it with no reply, means no one knows why it was rejected??

  • composition looks bad (bad angle)
  • dull colors
  • at some moments the objects are absolutely black
  • no stabilization (all objects are shaking)
  • the camera is directed up (the perspective goes up)

It looks like this video was filmed on a low-quality phone using the free “Framelapse” software. I see no commercial value in this video. Anyone can shoot such a video on their phone.

Trees was shaking due to wind part Of the time lapse.

So object not allowed to move in a time lapse?

Sun went behind the clouds when time-lapse was being film.

Time lapse was filmed on osmo pocket.

I didn’t write “trees”, I wrote “all objects”. I don’t think the wind was so strong that it shook the pillars and buildings :wink:
Just look at similar approved videos on the market and compare them to your video to see what I’m talking about.

Your right I didn’t notice that the small tripod I use was shacking.