Timelapse video rejected “isn’t at the quality standard required”

Hello everybody, unfortunately I received this message after uploading one of my video and I would like to know better from you what it might be the cause of the rejection.
Please let me know your thought.

Thank you.


HI @89Flay
the problem with the event sequence. When I watched, I didn’t understand the purpose of it. there is no idea in it.
it is only back and forth motion plus the speed and pose.

Hi HardEdgeie,

It’s a cabin view of an underground tube passing 3 stops. I accelerated the time-lapse to make a more fast video effect. Could slowing it down to its initial speed improve the video by?

Thank you in advance.

My opinion is making it more natural move and rise the brightness of the footage as many details are missed because the footage is very dark
When you will shot again, it is better with 60 fps or higher and 4K resolution.

Thanks for your opinion!
I made the time-lapse darker on purpose to catch those lights on the side making a “dark” effect video.

Regarding the resolution I have the 4K version but I only shot at 24/30 fps max which is the nature of a time-lapse.

One of the biggest arguments I see for many videos not being accepted relates to usage. “How would an end-user actually use this”?

I’m a VFX artist, so when I look at the video I think: As stock, it wouldn’t serve much purpose for me. BUT, I would use it as a window reflection plate for a CGI train sequence. Pop it into my compositing or
VFX software to act as reflections on my train cabin window, and voila!

So my suggestion (and you don’t have to agree) would be to bundle this video with an accompanying alpha channel (if you can isolate the highlights), and then sell it as a motion graphics set instead.

Hi MatVanRhoon,

thank you for sharing your thoughts and for giving a constructive alternative for the item.